Ulta Mass Skincare Haul

Ulta Mass Skincare Haul

Makeup is a ton of fun but the older I get, the more I find myself gravitating towards skincare. It’s just something about getting older that makes you slightly freak out once you start to notice those fine lines creeping in or any signs of aging. I’m still pretty young but I’m dancing towards 30 within a few years so preventative skincare is a high priority on my list. Especially since I have dry skin. Dry skin shows signs of aging rather quickly if not properly moisturized so I’ve been trying pretty much everything under the sun these days to see what my dry skin likes and what boosts my skin the most.

Alpha Hydrox 14% AHA Swipes, Freeman Eclos Aqua Balm Finishing Mist

Ulta has an extensive collection of skincare in both Mass and Prestige but lately I’ve been finding myself hanging out in Mass Skincare to see what it’s about. After trying the Formula 10.0.6 masks, I was reminded that some budget beauty products are actually quite a steal at the price so I’ve been curious to see what other gems I could discover in Mass Skincare. My first trip was to the clearance racks where my local Ulta has been marking down a ton of really intriguing skincare goodies. One of the first things that caught my eye was the Alpha Hydrox 14% AHA Swipes. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are very effective exfoliators that increase blood flow to the skin which results in a more plump, firm appearance that diminishes wrinkles and fine lines. Wrinkles aren’t a big concern of mine (just yet) but fine lines are a bit of a problem for me because they like to soak up my makeup around my mouth and under my eyes after a while. It’s not a super noticeable problem but it’s a quite annoying one to deal with so I’m always on the hunt for products to help minimize the appearance of them. I’ve tried the Alpha Hydrox 14% AHA Swipes twice and I like them so far. I was concerned they’d be a little too harsh for my sensitive skin but I haven’t noticed any adverse reactions yet and my fine lines immediately look softer once I rinse.

I also came across a Freeman Beauty Eclos Aqua Balm Finishing Mist with hyaluronic acid that seemed like it was worth a try as well. Hyaluronic acid is another great ingredient that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but through intense hydration rather than exfoliating. I know my fine lines are more than likely a result of previous sun damage and dryness so I think adding a finishing mist to my routine before and after applying my makeup is going to help fill in those fine lines and help my foundation and concealer wear a little better throughout the day without settling or emphasizing my fine lines. I’m a huge fan of makeup mists because they help keep my dry skin from looking cakey and add a nice dewy radiance to my makeup that I just love so I’m looking forward to adding the Eclos Aqua Balm Finishing Mist to my makeup routine.

Tony Moly I'm Real Aloe Moisturizing Mask Sheet, Tony Moly I'm Real Avocado Nutrition Mask Sheet, Hada Labo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask

Sheet masks seem to be a huge trend right now along with Korean beauty products so I’ve been super curious to see what the hype is all about. A guest recently asked for my opinion about sheet masks at work one day and I was at a loss at what to tell her because I’ve never tried one for myself but I figured now was a good time to find out. ‘Cause why not? I’m all for spending the big bucks on effective skincare but sheet masks are pretty new to me so I wanted to start out with some cheaper ones and work my way up to see how I like them before committing to the high end stuff. After doing some quick research, I discovered that there were actually some pretty nice sheet mask right in Mass Skincare for a great price. Like the Tony Moly sheet masks that we usually keep in our grab and go. They’re quite popular online at Ulta and the reviews seemed to favor them so for under $4 I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try them. I picked up the Aloe Mask Sheet for Moisturizing and the Avocado Mask Sheet for Nutrition. The Aloe Mask Sheet is infused with aloe vera to moisturize, soothe and calm sensitive skin. My skin is always in need of a good moisture boost and some soothing after long days of running around the store like crazy so I thought it would be ideal for my dry skin. The Avocado Mask Sheet also sounded like a good bet as it conditions the skin while delivering much needed nutrients like fatty acids and vitamins from the avocado extract.

The Tony Moly Sheet Masks only contain 1 mask per package so I was curious to find a pack of sheet mask for a good price just in case I liked them. I settled on the Hada Labo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Masks. Hada Labo touts it as a spa treatment at home that’s intense yet gentle with an infusion of anti-aging ingredients for an immediate boost of hydration and youth restoration. The Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Masks seem like they’re right up my alley so I’m the most excited to try them because there’s rave reviews all over Ulta and Amazon about them so I have a strong hunch that they’re going to be good. I just hope I like them!

Have you tried a sheet mask before?