3 Products Your Skin Needs After 25

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Let’s be honest. We aren’t going to stay young forever. It would be nice to discover that miracle fountain of youth but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. That’s why I’m putting together this quick “guide” to help you navigate your life when it comes to skincare after you turn 25. I’ve never had too many struggles with my skin before but I’ve noticed some changes to my skin after I turned 25. It began to feel even drier and required more moisture than it did a few years ago. I’ve developed some fine lines and thirsty spots that require constant moisture and attention. I freaked out for a second but I soon realized that I had to take a slightly different approach to taking care of my skin. Which is completely normal. Regardless of your skin struggles, we all could benefit from adding a few products to our skincare routines after 25 to make sure we age gracefully and give our skin everything it needs to look its best at all times.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Serum

I know the last thing you want to focus on after turning 25 is anti-aging but it’s a must. Now is the best time to start introducing anti-aging products to your routine to counteract all those years of bad skincare practices like staying up all night partying, sleeping in your makeup, or, in my case, a lack of sunscreen. Believe it or not, those bad practices can age you like no other and deprive skin of functioning and looking its best.

One of the best products you can introduce to your skincare regimen after 25 is a serum. A good serum can do a lot for your skin including add a nice moisture boost and deeply condition skin in ways a moisturizer cannot. Adding a serum to your routine is a big deal because serums aren’t loaded with a ton of “filler” ingredients like oils. Instead, they’re formulated with a high concentrate of active ingredients that penetrates the outer skin layer faster and more efficiently to encourage cell turnover so your skin looks radiant, firm and more even over time. As we get older, the cell turnover rate slows down a bit causing skin to feel more dry, look dull and loose it’s firm, plump appearance. By adding a serum to your routine, you’re keeping your cell turnover process running smoothly and efficiently so those signs of aging don’t show quite as quickly.

Clinique All About Eyes Cream

Another major product to consider adding to your routine is a good eye cream. Years ago, I could party until the wee hours of the night, crash for 3-4 hours and then wake up flawless like nothing ever happened. If I tried that now, I would probably drop dead before I even left the house and my eyes would look so dry, puffy and tired after resurrecting that I’d want to drop dead again. After 25, it seems that hiding those long, sleepless nights and genetic dark circles and puffiness becomes more and more of a hassle. But it gets easier!

You’d be surprised how much better your eyes will look (and feel) once you start using an eye cream regularly. Eye cream, like serum, have a higher concentration of active ingredients that really conditions eyes giving them more moisture than your moisturizer alone. Those potent active ingredients also help address concerns like puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines over time. After turning 25, my eyes began to feel so dry and dehydrated that I’ve formed some killer deep fine lines that are just now starting to ease up now that I use an eye cream twice a day. Of course, you won’t see results overnight, but your eyes will look noticeably different (aka better) once you start using an eye cream regularly.

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Overnight Recharging & Refining Moisturizer

As I mentioned earlier, the older we get, the more our cell turnover rate slows down causing dry, dull skin that lacks firmness and radiance. There’s no stopping the aging process but by adding a night cream to your skincare routine you can make the cell turnover process more efficient by giving it a helping hand. As we sleep, our bodies replenish all the vitamins and nutrients skin needs to look and feel its best. However, the process becomes a bit tougher as we age or lose sleep. That’s why adding a nutrient-rich night cream is extremely important because it makes the cell turnover process much easier on your body and keeps your skin looking and feeling younger for longer. Who doesn’t want that?

I used to think that using my regular ol’ day moisturizer at night would be enough but that’s not quite the case. Day moisturizers often contain SPF and other ingredients that are helpful when it comes to protecting skin from environmental damage but doesn’t do much to replenish skin and nourish skin cells after the damage has already been done. That’s where a solid night cream comes into place. Night creams help to replace all the good stuff like collagen, moisture and elasticity your skin loses over time throughout the day by providing a high concentration of essential oils, vitamins and nutrients skin needs to bounce back in the morning. By including a night cream in your skincare regimen, you’re giving your body much needed break so it doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your skin smooth, radiant and even as you get older. You’re also helping to prolong those pesky signs of aging for a little longer and we all want that right?

There’s plenty of other things you can do to help your skin age gracefully like getting lots of rest, exfoliating more and eating healthier but we all know Rome wasn’t built in a day and bad habits don’t just change overnight. In the midst of busy work schedules and a bustling home-life there’s still some small changes we can make to our routines that greatly impact the health and appearance of skin. Even if you’re well over 25 it’s never too late to start!