Anastasia Beverly Hills Gleam Glow Kit Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Gleam Glow Kit

There’s been a lot of big, new things happening at in the Prestige department at Ulta. One of the most exciting, hands down, was the recent expansion of Anastasia Beverly Hills to include her entire professional line of cosmetics online and in stores. Cue the hallelujah chorus! Anastasia Beverly Hills has made a name for herself in the makeup industry as a celebrity brow expert but she recently expanded her empire to include contour kits, concealer, lipsticks and more. All of which were a Macy’s exclusive for the past year. I love Macy’s (especially the shoe department) as much as the next girl but I was not pleased with the bulk of Anastasia Beverly Hills products being exclusive there because there’s only one Macy’s with an Impulse cosmetics section near me and it’s almost an hour away. I’m all for making a trip for good makeup but there was no way I was willing to make a road trip just to swatch and check out the rest of her products. Sorry, Anastasia. We’re not that cool.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Gleam Glow Kit

Thank goodness Macy’s released their vice grip from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro line because now it’s much more accessible at Ulta. I already own a few of her Lip Glosses and Liquid Lipsticks so I was the most excited to finally see her famous Glow Kits in person. I’m a sucker for gold and bronzer highlighters so I had my heart set on That Glow but curiosity got the best of me and I just had to swatch Gleam too–just to see how it looks. I’m so glad I didn’t just follow my first mind and ignore Gleam because it’s seriously gorgeous! I’m not a big fan of pink based highlighters on my complexion because they’re usually too cool and pale where they look stark and ashy on brown skin.

Anastasia Beverly Hills really knows her stuff though because she managed to make Gleam Glow Kit look amazing on everybody. Including dark skin divas. I was so impressed by how stunning and unique Gleam turned out to be that I opted to add it to my collection over That Glow. Crazy right?!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Gleam Glow Kit

Gleam Glow Kit features:

  • Hard Candy warm peach with pink pearl shift
  • Mimosa golden peach with a metallic finish
  • Starburst cool pink with an iridescent finish
  • Crushed Pearl glimmering pink and silver with crystalized finish

Each shade is supposed to have a different finish but I find that they all have a very similar buildable glow that ranges from natural to full on intensity depending on how much you apply. A light hand is definitely necessary to achieve a more natural, lit from within glow as all 4 shades are rather pigmented and require just the slightest swirl of a brush to shine through. Gleam was more than likely created with lighter, cooler complexions in mind but each shade works beautifully with my deep brown skin without looking pale or ashy–no matter how much I pile it on. If you love a more golden base glow (like me) you’ll probably find yourself reaching for Mimosa the most as it has a warm golden peach base and fine golden shimmer that’s similar to a lot of gold-based highlighters on the market. Starburst and Crushed Pearl, on the other hand, have a slightly cooler glow that leans more neutral on me so there’s no noticeable strong silver or gold shift coming through. I think Starburst and Crushed Pearl will mesh very well with more neutral complexions just looking for a nice glow without too much of a base. Hard Candy is certainly the star of the show as it has a strong, pigmented pink shift that easily shines through no matter how much (or little) you apply. Even on my deeper complexion, Hard Candy doubles as a highlighter and blush thanks to its gorgeous pink duochrome finish that can’t help but shine through.

Gleam isn’t just a mix of pretty colors though. The formula is very consistent and really great quality across the board. All 4 highlighters apply and blend easily whether you use a fluffy brush (like the A23 Highlighter Brush) or a fan brush. They also last all day holding up for around 8-10 hours with very little fading or loss of glow throughout the day. What really impressed me, though, was that you can also use Gleam as a shimmering eyeshadow palette. I often find myself rocking Hard Candy on my lids or as a highlighter in my inner corners as it seriously brightens and lasts pretty much all day–even without a primer.

Although the Glow Kits are undeniably gorgeous, I thought they were a little overhyped on social media but now I totally understand why people are constantly raving about them so much. They’re pretty darn impressive! So much so, that I ended up redeeming my points to pick up That Glow too because I just couldn’t resist not having it in my life. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits. You won’t regret it!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Gleam Glow Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills Gleam Glow Kit

Hard Candy, Mimosa, Starburst and Crushed Pearl

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  1. I decided to purchase Gleam also! I am a sucker for highlighters, but felt that Gleam was more unique! Obsessed with Hard Candy 🙂

  2. Joanna

    I love the finishing look of hard candy and stardust on you. I’ve read up so man good reviews on this palette. As to why I’m holding back is beyond me.

  3. Karmin

    All of these look great on you!! But I’m so loving the Hard Candy on you!!

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