ColourPop x Karrueche Glo Up Super Shock Cheek Review

ColourPop x Karrueche Glo Up Super Shock Cheek

When ColourPop announced that they were collaborating with model Karrueche Tran for a limited edition collection I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. She’s mostly famous for being Chris Brown’s girlfriend. Not for her style or makeup choices. So it just seemed off and gimmicky that she would be coming out with her own makeup collection. Then the collection dropped and I started seeing pictures and swatches everywhere and my mind was blown. Her ColourPop collection turned out to be bomb! There’s Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks, Lippie Pencils, shadows and more that were all so beautiful that I couldn’t help but to order a few things. Including the gorgeous Glo Up Super Shock Cheek highlighter.

ColourPop x Karrueche Glo Up Super Shock Cheek

Glo Up is a deep golden bronze with a ton of fine golden glitter that’s suitable for medium to deep complexions. I think it may have a bit too much color and warmth for fair skin tones but medium to deep skin tones will find Glo Up to be pure life as the strong golden tone adds a natural flush of color and warmth and a serious glow that’ll carry you from day to night with just a swirl of a brush. Or simply your fingers. Glo Up is just that versatile!

ColourPop x Karrueche Glo Up Super Shock Cheek

Glo Up has a bouncy cream formula that seems like your ordinary cream highlight but it’s much different. It’s like a cream highlight on steroids as it has a cream to powder formula that works for all skin types from dry to oily. Glo Up is very pigmented so it doesn’t require much building at all as a little goes a very long way. If you have a lighter complexion, you’ll want to use a very light hand to avoid picking up too much of the base and the shimmer. Unless you like a good deal of warmth and an out of this world glow that can be seen from across the street. Then I say, get crazy with that ‘ish girl!

If you like a more natural glow, then you could still find good use out of Glo Up just be sure to grab a duo fiber brush and lightly tap the pan without swirling it around. I like a more pronounced highlight so I swirl my brush around a bit to make my cheeks glisten like pure gold but Glo Up is still pretty easy to sheer out for a more natural approach. Despite the high pigmentation and high shimmer factor, Glo Up still won’t look metallic or too glittery–even if you build it a bit. The powder finish makes it very easy to blend and tone down so you don’t have to worry much about it emphasizing the texture of skin or highlighting pores.

Most cream products don’t last for too long but thanks to ColourPop’s cream to powder formula Glo Up has pretty solid wear. It lasts for over 8 hours on my dry skin before I start to notice some very slight fading. Even then, my cheeks still glimmer in the light (and the dark) all day and night without fear of my highlight falling flat. Glo Up is easily one of the most exciting products in the ColourPop x Karrueche lineup and is definitely a must have if you like golden highlights. ColourPop and Karrueche did a bang up job!

ColourPop x Karrueche Glo Up Super Shock Cheek

ColourPop x Karreuche Glo Up Super Shock Cheek

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