How Cute Are These Makeup Bags?!

Walgreens Makeup Pouch Summer 2016

If you’re a makeup junkie like me then you probably like to carry around a handful of makeup in your purse at any given time. A million different glosses and lipsticks. Pressed Powder. Setting spray and lip balm here and there. That’s just how we roll! I used to just toss makeup in my bag in go way back when but now I prefer my purse to be a little more organized (or at least look the part) so I’ve developed a thing for makeup bags. Cute makeup bags to be precise. ‘Cause you can’t put pretty lipsticks and beat face essentials in a basic looking bag. No ma’am!

Thanks to AshBeautyBlog on Instagram, I was able to find the most adorable makeup bags at Walgreens that are pretty much dupes for the Breakups to Makeup bags at Sephora. I’ve yet to see the Breakups to Makeup bags in person so I can’t really comment on how the quality compares but what I can say is that these beauties are super cute, very spacious and crazy affordable.

Walgreens Makeup Pouch Summer 2016

I didn’t have any luck finding these makeup bags online at Walgreens but I was able to track them down at my local store for just $4.99 a piece. It appears there’s only 2 of them available and they’re so darn adorable that I had to pick up both. For just 5 bucks? Why not! Both makeup bags are a clear representation of my personality and passion for makeup so it was a no brainer for me. A girl can never have too many makeup bags–especially ones this cute and this roomy.

Walgreens Makeup Pouch Summer 2016

If you carry larger bags, you’ll probably find that these cuties are a great addition as an on-the-go makeup bag for touchups and quick beats. However, if small bags and clutches are your thing, then these pouches will be better suited for traveling as they’re quite large and hold a lot of makeup. I was able to squeeze in 4 palettes including:

I also had a little room to spare for lipstick, gloss, liners and a couple eye brushes too. Impressive right? I really wish Walgreens would add these makeup bags to their site because new makeup goodies can be hard to find in those drugstore aisles. However, I’m hoping that you guys are able to find these Breakups to Makeup bag dupes at your local Walgreens because they’re the perfect addition to any makeup junkies bag. I’m already putting mine to use!

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    Oh gosh…
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