Join MAC Select & Receive $10 off $50!

MAC $10 off $50 Discount

If you’re an avid makeup junkie, then you’ve probably noticed that MAC never ever goes on sale. Like ever. Every now and then, MAC will knock a few dollars off their limited edition holiday sets in a last ditch effort to get rid of them but the standard 20-30% off or Friends & Family discount most brands offer has never been a MAC thing. Until now. MAC has recently launched their MAC Select Program which loyal MAC fans can join and receive nice perks like a $10 off $50 coupon code (MAC10) for their online orders. It’s essentially a 20% off discount code that allows you to fill up your cart with the latest MAC goodies (including limited edition collections) and receive $10 off every $50 you spend. Meaning if you add $100 to your cart, you’ll receive $20 off. Great deal right? I caved and used the code for $10 off my Chris Chang Collection haul which I can’t wait to receive. Sign up now to get $10 off your online order too!