MAC Chris Chang Collection Haul & Swatches

MAC Plum Princess Lipstick, Royal Woo Eyeshadow, Rich Coral Cream Colour Base

Before I started exploring other brands I used to be a huge MAC junkie. I’m talking set an alarm on my phone for damn near every collection kinda junkie. My obsession was pretty hardcore. Since I’ve ventured out to other amazing brands (like Too Faced) I’ve learned that MAC isn’t the end all be all when it comes to good makeup at a decent price. However, MAC still knows a thing or two about putting together a dope makeup collection with crazy beautiful special packaging. I no longer pick up a thing or two (or three) from almost every MAC collection like I used to but I just couldn’t help myself when the limited edition Chris Chang Collection released online with its bold, colorful special packaging and bright, fun colors. You know I couldn’t resist that!

MAC Plum Princess Lipstick

Since I’m a MAC Select Member, I received a text from MAC for $10 off my next $50 purchase so I decided to be a smart makeup junkie and order a few things from the Chris Chang Collection. My first pick was the Plum Princess Lipstick. It’s a cool lavender with grey undertones and a creamy matte finish that’s so up my alley. I love a good lavender and MAC sure knows how to do them right. I was worried that Plum Princess would be too similar to Dodgy Girl or Riri Boy but she’s completely different from both. Royal Princess is more of a cool, laid-back lavender with a subtle punch of color that doesn’t have a hint of pink. Royal Princess goes on nice and smooth with full coverage and a creamy matte finish that feels pretty good on the lips. If you’re a purple fan, I definitely recommend adding Plum Princess to your cart before it’s gone.

MAC Rich Coral Cream Colour Base

I don’t wear cream blushes too often but the colorful packaging lured me right into ordering one. Lucky for me, MAC threw in the Rich Coral Cream Colour Base into the collection so it was a must have. I have a serious addiction to orange toned blushes because they look incredibly natural on my brown skin and work well as an everyday blush shade so Rich Coral will easily have a place in my collection. Rich Coral Cream Colour Base is a vibrant orange that’s very creamy and will lend a juicy pop of color and a little sheen to my cheeks this summer. I love that it has a soft dewy finish that’ll add life to my dry skin and amplify my highlighters. Although Rich Coral is a permanent staple in MAC’s collection I still think it’s worth picking up in the special packaging. Especially for my dark skin divas.

MAC Royal Woo Eyeshadow

The last thing I need is more eyeshadow but Royal Woo was calling my name! Royal Woo is a pastel lemon yellow with a matte finish  that really pops against my brown skin. The texture is a little dry but it’s rather pigmented and very pretty so I can live with it. I know most people would shy away from a bright yellow eyeshadow but I think Royal Woo would look sick paired with a smokey brown (or green) in the crease or as a pop of color in the inner corner. Bold colors are a must for summer so it’s only right to add Royal Woo to your collection if you love to rock a bold eye from time to time.

Even though I only ordered 3 things from the Chris Chang Collection I have to admit that it’s pretty solid. MAC did a bang up job on the packaging as it’s very unique, bold and beautiful without feeling or looking cheap. I also love how MAC and Chris Chang fused together a collection of incredibly bright colors that are different from the typical pastel and neon shades we typically see in the summer. The Chris Chang Collection definitely isn’t for the neutral gals but I think us makeup junkies who have a burning desire for bold, bright colors will absolutely eat this collection up. Part of me already wants to order more!

Did you haul anything from the MAC Chris Chang Collection?

MAC Plum Princess Lipstick, Royal Woo Eyeshadow, Rich Coral Cream Colour Base

Plum Princess Lipstick, Royal Woo Eyeshadow and Rich Coral Cream Colour Base

3 Thoughts to “MAC Chris Chang Collection Haul & Swatches”

  1. Chinique Michelle Queen

    You Just made me broke I just, thanks for this and i also got my 10$ off.

    1. LOL! If it makes you feel any better I felt the same way when I got the email. I was trying to so hard not to fall prey to this collection but discount codes get me every time!

  2. Karmin

    After I saw the packaging, I wanted every lipstick in the collection. I’m going to purchase Plum Princess, Devilish(pink), & maybe Cloud Gait. I also want the several items from the Brooke Candy Collection. Did you purchase anything from that collection?

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