New ColourPop Ultra Satin Lipsticks!

ColourPop Frick n Frack, Mess Around, So Wavy Ultra Satin Lipsticks

I keep telling myself I’m going to hold off on buying more lipsticks (that I certainly don’t need) but leave it to ColourPop to call my bluff every time. I’m still recovering from snatching up quite a few of Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks that are now half off but ColourPop decided to have a flash sale right after that was too good to pass up. Everything under $10 plus 20% off? It would be a crime if I didn’t place an order! So I did what was right and added a 3 of the new Ultra Satin Lipsticks (along with other things ?) to my cart so I could finally get my hands on those beauties.

ColourPop Frick n Frack, Mess Around, So Wavy Ultra Satin Lipsticks

I was a little surprised to see ColourPop crank out new shades of the Ultra Satin Lipstick so quickly but I’m certainly not complaining. If anyone knows how to whip up some good lipstick shades it’s ColourPop! There’s 8 new shades for summer and I grabbed 2 of them including:

  • Frick n Frack rosy terracotta
  • Mess Around mid-tone grey beige
  • So Wavy vibrant blue purple

ColourPop So Wavy, Frick n Frack, Mess Around Ultra Satin Lipsticks

I had my eye on Frick n Frack since the Ultra Satin Lipsticks first released so it was nice to finally get my hands on it along with Mess Around and So Wavy which are new to the scene. I think all 3 shades are beautiful and would look good on both light and deep skin tones but my favorite is Mess Around at the moment. I just can’t get enough of greige nudes and Mess Around is right up my alley with a very slight hint of pink and a creamy satin finish that doesn’t emphasize the texture of my dry lips. I still have a thing for Frick n Frack and So Wavy though too. Frick n Frack is a great everyday lipstick that’s fuss free yet still adds a bit of color that helps brighten up natural looks. So Wavy is the rebel of the three with it’s bold blue-purple exterior but I love it because it’s a rather unique shade that we don’t typically see too often. I can’t wait to wear it!

Did you order any of the new ColourPop Ultra Satin Lipsticks?

ColourPop So Wavy, Mess Around, Frick n Frack Ultra Satin Lipsticks

So Wavy, Mess Around and Frick n Frack

ColourPop Frick n Frack Ultra Satin Lipstick

Frick n Frack

ColourPop Mess Around Ultra Satin Lipstick

Mess Around

ColourPop So Wavy Ultra Satin Lipstick

So Wavy