Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks Now Half Off!

Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks

Ready to go lipstick crazy? You better be! Urban Decay recently marked down their Revolution Lipsticks from $22 to $11. That’s right. Half off! And no this isn’t just some exclusive online deal. You can pick up any shade of Revolution Lipstick you please from Sheer to Matte at any location for just $11. It seems the Revolution Lipsticks first went on sale at Ulta but other retailers like Macy’s and Sephora have jumped on board too. Which is wonderful news because the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks are some of the best lipsticks I’ve ever tried. They’re smooth, creamy, pigmented and most of them last a rather long time.

Urban Decay Sheer Anarchy, Sheer Ladyflower, Turn On, Rush, Liar, Rapture, Lovelight, Matte Blackmail, Matte Menace Revolution Lipstick

I already own a handful of them including a few mattes and a few of the regular creams too so I decided to go ahead and expand my collection with a handful more since the formula is so bomb and the price is so perfect. However, part of me suddenly got worried because when an entire line gets marked down to half off it usually means that they’re being discontinued. The Revolution Lipsticks are still fairly new to the makeup scene and they’re some of the best lipsticks for dry lips so I panicked a bit and grabbed every last shade to brace myself. I thought the markdown was super strange so when a lovely Urban Decay makeup artist dropped by my local Ulta to lend her support I couldn’t helped but ask, “Is Urban Decay discontinuing the Revolution Lipsticks?!”

It turns out that Urban Decay isn’t getting rid of the Revolution Lipsticks but simply revamping them. I’m not sure if they’re going to be reformulated just yet but she did let me in on a little secret. Urban Decay is unleashing the creative beast this summer and releasing 100 shades in different finishes ranging from metallic to mega matte. Woohoo! It seems that Urban Decay is ready to give MAC a run for their money with an extensive line of Revolution Lipsticks that has a little something for everyone. It appears that the original Cream, Matte and Sheer formulas will stick around but a couple shades here and there are being discontinued or replaced. So I wouldn’t say that the markdown is cause for panic but I definitely suggest you grab whichever shades you have your eye on because Urban Decay is changing the game!

Urban Decay Turn On, Rush, Liar, Rapture, Lovelight Revolution Lipstick

Lord knows I don’t really need anymore lipsticks but I’ve been eyeing a few of the Revolution Lipsticks for a while so I went ahead and snatched a few of them from each line. The original Cream formula was the first Revolution Lipstick release featuring a cream, satin finish in a large range of shades from nude to red to pink that feels good on the lips and lasts for around 4-6 hours. I picked up the shades:

  • Turn On rosy pink
  • Rush pink mauve
  • Liar pinky brown nude
  • Rapture dusty rose
  • Lovelight pale peachy pink shimmer

Urban Decay Matte Blackmail, Matte Menace Revolution Lipstick

After Urban Decay blew my mind with the Cream formula they followed up with the Matte Revolution Lipsticks which are hands down the best matte formula I own in my collection. Sorry MAC! Traditional matte lipsticks are usually drying and super high maintenance but the Urban Decay took a different approach with a lightweight creamy formula that wears well (even on my dry lips) and lasts pretty much all day without flaking, peeling or sucking the moisture out of lips. The shade range isn’t quite as extensive as the Creams (yet) but there’s a rather nice selection of shades to choose from at the moment. I already grabbed my top 3 choices last year (1993, Bittersweet and Afterdark) so I settled on just 2 shades:

  • Matte Blackmail deep berry wine
  • Matte Menace medium fuchsia pink

Urban Decay Sheer Ladyflower, Sheer Anarchy Revolution Lipstick

I’m an avid lipstick lover but I’m not the biggest fan of sheer lipsticks. Unless they’re Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipsticks. They’re surprisingly pigmented for a line of sheer lipsticks! Of course, it takes a few layers to build them up to full intensity but after swatching a few of them I realized that I needed at least one (or two) of them in my life. Like the Mattes, the Sheer Lipsticks don’t come in a ton of shades but there’s still a nice selection to choose from. I ended up with just 2 pinks including:

  • Sheer Anarchy fuchsia
  • Sheer Ladyflower rose pink

It seems that most of the shades in all 3 formulas are sold out online but there’s still plenty of hope in stores. I can’t speak for Sephora or Macy’s but my Ulta store is still receiving large shipments of Revolution Lipsticks every week so I recommend checking your local Ulta if you’ve been struggling to find the shade you want. The sale ends on June 2nd or until Urban Decay depletes their warehouse inventory so I suggest you move as quickly as possible so you don’t miss this deal!

Urban Decay Sheer Anarchy, Sheer Ladyflower, Turn On, Rush, Liar, Rapture, Lovelight, Matte Blackmail, Matte Menace Revolution Lipstick

Sheer Anarchy, Sheer Ladyflower, Turn On, Rush, Liar, Rapture, Lovelight, Matte Blackmail and Matte Menace