Happy Birthday ColourPop!

ColourPop Birthday Boy Haul

Can you believe that ColourPop is already 2 years old? Man, they grow up so fast! Just last year, I remember discovering ColourPop for the first time and seeing first hand just how amazing all of their products are. I’m so happy that I finally decided to give ColourPop a try but I do wish that I would have been with them from the beginning. Then I would have both the limited edition Birthday Girl and Birthday Boy Super Shock Shadows which are beyond beautiful. Lucky for me, I at least made it to the 2nd birthday party just in time to receive ColourPop’s new baby, Birthday Boy and I’m loving it!

ColourPop Birthday Boy Super Shock Shadow

ColourPop is all about giving back to their fans whenever they reach a big milestone and their 2nd birthday was no exception. The limited edition Birthday Boy Super Shock Shadow was a free gift to everyone who placed an order before Memorial Day. Birthday Boy is a warm taupe with gold and purple glitter that gives it ColourPop’s iconic holographic glow. It also comes in limited edition deep plum packaging with a birthday crown on the top to give it a little extra flair. Pictures seriously don’t do Birthday Boy any justice as I wasn’t super duper excited over it until I actually opened it. Birthday Boy is probably the prettiest shadow I’ve ever seen! After looking up swatches of last year’s Birthday Girl (equally gorgeous) I think ColourPop should seriously considering bringing them both back and making them permanent.

ColourPop Dope Ultra Satin Lipstick, Marshmallow Ultra Satin Lipstick, Hollywood Blvd Matte X Lippie Stix

I just recently placed an order for a couple of the new Ultra Matte Lips, Ultra Satin Lips and Matte X Lippie Stix so I tried my best not to add anymore lipsticks to my cart but somehow it still happened anyway. At just $5 and $6, ColourPop lipsticks are just too hard to resist! I ended up grabbing:

  • Dopey Ultra Satin Lip dusty mauve
  • Marshmallow Ultra Satin Lip greyed out lavender
  • Hollywood Blvd Matte X Lippie Stix yellow toned brown

I’ve had my eye on all 3 lipsticks for a little while now but they were always sold out every time I went to place an order so I figured now was the perfect time to finally add them to my collection. All 3 lipsticks are really pretty but I’m the most excited to try Marshmallow Ultra Satin Lip. Dopey and Hollywood Blvd are easily dupable and I’m sure I have something similar to both in my stash already. Marshmallow, on the other hand, is nothing like anything I have in my collection so I’m anxious to see how pretty it would look paired with my go to MAC Cyber World Lip Pencil or even ColourPop’s Nevermind or Feminist Lippie Pencils for a vampy purple ombre lip. Now that I think about it, Marshmallow may even work well to mix with other lip colors to create completely new, funky shades. I can’t wait to try it and share my creative creations with ya!

ColourPop Black N Brown Brow Pencil

While I was happy to see my lipstick picks back in stock, I was the most excited to finally get my hands on one of the new Brow Pencils. Ever since ColourPop released their brow line, Black N Brown (both the Brow Colour and Pencil) remained consistently out of stock making it damn near impossible for me to get my hands on for weeks. It seems that the excitement has finally died down though as I was able to catch the Black N Brown Brow Pencil in stock for once yay! After getting my hands on it, I can absolutely understand why it doesn’t stay in stock for long. The ColourPop Black N Brown Brow Pencil is the best brow pencil I’ve tried so far! It was the first product I reached for when I finally received my order (sorry Birthday Boy!) and I haven’t been able to put it down since. ColourPop really knocked their Brow Pencil formula out of the park! I’m already plotting on a backup of Black N Brown Brow Pencil the next time I order.

ColourPop Stole the Show Super Shock Shadow

Last but certainly not least, I added Stole the Show Super Shock Cheek highlighter to my cart after coming across a beautiful swatch of it on Facebook. Some ColourPop highlighters get a lot of love and raves like Avalon, Wisp, Lunch Money and Monster but Stole the Show seems to be one of the more underrated shades which is crazy because it’s stunning. Stole the Show is a light cool gold with pink, silver and gold glitter that dances in the light for an intense beautiful glow. I literally have a ton of gold highlighters but I think Stole the Show is the most unique one in my stash. The pink and silver glitter really sets Stole the Show apart and makes it wearable for all skin tones. I think every ColourPop junkie needs it?

Did you place an order to receive Birthday Boy Super Shock Shadow? What did you get??

ColourPop Birthday Boy Super Shock Shadow

Birthday Boy Super Shock Shadow

ColourPop Marshmallow Ultra Satin Lipstick, Dopey Ultra Satin Lipstick, Hollywood Blvd Matte X Lippie Stix

Marshmallow Ultra Satin Lip, Dopey Ultra Satin Lip and Hollywood Blvd Matte X Lippie Stix

ColourPop Black N Brown Brow Pencil

Black N Brown Brow Pencil 

ColourPop Stole the Show Super Shock Cheek

Stole the Show Super Shock Cheek