Ulta Beauty Collection Cheek Haul

Ulta Beauty Collection Pink Diamond Illuminating Powder, Radiance Baked Bronzer, Highlight Sculpting Stick, Fame Blush, Flush Blush, Sunkissed Blush

There’s tons of good brands to discover in Ulta but one that’s often overlooked is Ulta’s own Beauty Collection. I’ve shopped at Ulta for years and never paid any attention to the Ulta Beauty Collection until I began working there. Huge mistake! After curiosity pulled me to swatch a few pretty things I quickly learned that there were some hidden gems in the Ulta Beauty Collection. Like the lipsticks, eyeliners and their cheek goodies too. Especially the cheek products. From blushes to highlighters, the Ulta Beauty Collection has a little something for everybody.

Ulta Beauty Collection Pink Diamond Illuminating Powder

For spring, Ulta decided to add a line of Illuminating Powders to the Ulta Beauty Collection and they turned out to be fantastic! There’s 2 shades in the line including Pink Diamond, a gorgeous warm yellow gold with a slight pink shift. I knew I had to have Pink Diamond Illuminating Powder from the moment I swatched it because it was so beautiful, pigmented and smooth. Way more than I bargained for from a $10 highlighter. Go Ulta! The pigmentation and smooth texture reminds me of my Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators which is rather impressive for the price. I still can’t believe Ulta was able to whip up such a beautiful highlighter for so cheap. Pink Diamond is absolutely stunning!

Ulta Beauty Collection Radiance Baked Bronzer

I think we can all agree that I could live without buying another highlighter or bronzer but the Ulta Beauty Collection made it way too hard for me to walk past their highlighters and bronzers. Pink Diamond is more than enough glow for a lifetime but the Radiance Baked Bronzer also caught my eye because it’s so pretty and I’m a sucker for golden bronzers. The Radiance Baked Bronzer is a swirled baked bronzer with a good mix of gold and bronze that adds a subtle warmth and a luminous glow. It’s a bit more sheer than I was expecting but Radiance Baked Bronzer is still a pretty bronzer that I think will work well for lighter complexions who want to fake a natural sunkissed glow that doesn’t look overdone. Medium to deep skin tones will definitely have to layer on Radiance Baked Bronzer to really get the full effect of all of its beauty. I think it’s best to catch Radiance Baked Bronzer while it’s on sale during Ulta’s frequent BOGO sales.

Ulta Beauty Collection Sculpting Stick in Highlight

Along with the Illuminating Powders, Ulta also introduced a line of highlighting and contouring chubby Sculpting Sticks to help sculpt and define with ease. Of course, the universal contour stick did nothing for me as it was too light but the Highlight stick turned out wonderfully. The Highlight Sculpting Stick is a soft champagne gold with a pinch of pink and fine golden shimmer that’ll look great on all skin tones. It has a nice creamy texture that glides on smoothly without feeling too emollient or sliding all over the place. The Highlight Sculpting Stick will easily work like a charm to strobe cheeks to perfection for a killer intense glow or even as a subtle natural glow that’s effortless and beautiful. Like Pink Diamond, I think the Highlight Sculpting Stick is another must have from the Ulta Beauty Collection.

Ulta Beauty Collection Fame, Flush and Sunkissed Blush

I don’t know about you but I can’t resist a good sale! Ulta recently revamped their blush line replacing their old Cheek Colors with the new Velvet Blushes. It may be a little disappointing to hear if you’re already a fan of the Cheek Colors but if you’re new to them like me then you’ll be pleased to know that the old blushes have been marked to $1 on clearance. Before they were all gone, I managed to get my hands on 3 of them including:

  • Fame peachy coral
  • Flame coral pink
  • Sunkissed rosy bronze

They’re all a bit on the sheer side but easily buildable for a natural flush of color that’s easy to apply without overpowering cheeks. The Cheek Colors sport a dense texture that’s soft but not quite as smooth as the new Velvet Blushes (in case you’ve tried them). The Cheek Colors still seem to be pretty good quality though as they’ll make great everyday blushes that’ll pair well with most lip colors while looking very natural. If you happen to find any of the old Ulta Beauty Collection Cheek Colors at your local Ulta I recommend snapping them up asap. You can’t beat blush for a dollar!

Have you tried any Ulta Beauty Collection cheek products?

Ulta Beauty Collection Pink Diamond Illuminating Powder, Radiance Baked Bronzer, Highlight Sculpting Stick, Fame Blush, Flush Blush, Sunkissed Blush

Pink Diamond Illuminator, Radiance Baked Bronzer, Highlight Sculpting Stick, Fame Cheek Color, Flush Cheek Color and Sunkissed Cheek Color