ColourPop Haulin’!

ColourPop Churro Super Shock Cheek, Dream Catcher Super Shock Cheek, LaLa Super Shock Shadow, Alchemist Super Shock Shadow, BFF3 Lippie Pencil, Creature Lippie Pencil, Bangin' Brunette Brow Pencil, Black N Brown Brow Pencil

ColourPop has to be the most addicting makeup brand ever. When ColourPop first hit the scene, I just couldn’t understand the huge fascination with them. Then I placed an order and it all clicked. From the shadows to the lipsticks, ColourPop makes some of the most amazing products I’ve ever tried. And they’re all under $10! So, by makeup junkie logic, I’d be doing myself a disservice to not try their new or limited edition products after having such a great run with them. Right? Don’t answer that.

ColourPop Churro Super Shock Cheek, Dream Catcher Super Shock Cheek

ColourPop is good for launching new products in super limited quantities that eventually become permanent and easier to buy. However, for the first time, ColourPop launched a limited edition mash up tie-dye highlighter that was seriously limited edition and not hitting the permanent lineup anytime soon. There was a contest to name the highlighter and everything which resulted in the cheeky name Churro. Churro is a mash up of Avalon, Stole the Show and Wisp Super Shock Cheek highlighters. I already own Avalon and Stole the Show but I’ve never got around to trying Wisp so I figured I’d go ahead and try to get my hands on Churro when it was restocked. Churro is quite a beautiful highlighter but besides the tie-dye design it’s not all that unique. Churro is a shimmering coppery rose gold that’ll look great on any complexion but it’s an easy color to recreate with a peachy bronze and pinky highlighter. Or just by mixing Avalon, Stole the Show and Wisp together if you have them already. I don’t regret ordering it one bit though because it’s still gorgeous and ColourPop’s highlighters are fantastic at giving cheeks that magical strobe glow effect.

I also popped Dream Catcher Super Shock Cheek in my cart since I needed another few bucks to score free shipping. I know that sounds a little insane but don’t judge me! A girl can never have too many highlighters, okay? Okay. So anyway, Dream Catcher is a soft peachy gold with gold and pink shimmer that’s not too different from Churro. It’s a little more on the gold side but a subtle pink blush underneath will probably yield the same result as Churro. Although they’re both incredibly similar, I still have a thing for Dream Catcher because it appears to be an incredibly easy to wear highlight that’s right up my alley. It looks so beautiful on brown skin!

LaLa Super Shock Shadow, Alchemist Super Shock Shadow

Eyeshadow is another product I could probably go the rest of my life buying but I’ve had my eye on a couple of Super Shock Shadows for a while now and Churro was the perfect time to grab them. LaLa is vibrant rose gold with a metallic finish that’s absolutely stunning! I can definitely see it pairing nicely with the berry pinks in my new Modern Renaissance Palette for a warm pinky smokey eye. I also think LaLa would make an amazing highlighter too. Despite the Ultra Metallic Finish, LaLa isn’t super shimmery nor does it contain the usual chunky glitter we see in Super Shock Shadows so it seems like it’ll wear nicely on the cheeks without looking like a glitter bomb. I also popped the limited edition Alchemy Super Shock Shadow from the Jamie King Collection and was both excited and disappointed when it arrived. Sadly, my Alchemy didn’t survive during shipping and arrived shattered. Besides Churro, I was the most excited to finally get my hands on Alchemy so it was a real bummer to see it all broken up. However, I still had to swatch it because it’s so gorgeous. Alchemy is a peachy gold with a hint of pink and tons of multi-dimensional glitter with a Glitter Sheer finish. The base is mostly translucent so Alchemy works best as an eyeshadow topper that transforms regular eyeshadows from basic to insanely poppin’. My heart melted when I swatched Alchemy because it’s prettiest shadow I’ve ever laid eyes on. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to get a new one before ColourPop discontinues it this week. ?

ColourPop Bangin' Brunette Brow Pencil, Black N Brown Brow Pencil, Creature Lippie Pencil, BFF3 Lippie Pencil

Remember when I told you that I loved ColourPop’s new Brow Pencils? Well now you know just how intense that love really is. I ran out of my Black N Brown Brow Pencil last week and nearly had a heart attack when I went online to order more and it was sold out. For days, I stalked the site hoping for a restock while secretly cursing everyone who ordered one before I could get more. Including myself for not ordering 2 in the first place. In my desperation, I ordered Bangin’ Brunette since I had to order Churro anyway. Then a few days later, Black N Brown was restocked. Don’t you just hate when stuff like that happens?! So I placed another order for 4 of them and 2 lippie pencils because I vowed to never be without Black N Brown again. Ever! Of course, it was just my luck that both orders arrived at the same time. LOL! I was a little worried that Bangin’ Brunette was going to end up being a waste but I’ve been using it for the last couple of days and I actually love it. It’s much darker than it appears in the swatch. The color is a hair lighter and a teeny bit warmer than Black N Brown but it still looks super natural and fits my hair color well. Moral of the story: order Bangin’ Brunette if you can’t catch Black N Brown in stock. Or just order a handful of Black N Browns when you do because they’re that damn good!

I also snagged BFF 3 and Creature Lippie Pencils since I was in “need” of some new lip liners. I’m a huge fan of Ellarie’s Lippie Pencil and Creature is pretty similar so I figured I’d go ahead and try something different. Creature is a deep burgundy red with a slight brown undertone that’ll definitely liven up some of my lighter pink and purple lipsticks as well as give some of my brighter red lippies more of an edge. It’s not quite Ellarie but I still like it a lot! BFF 3, on the other hand, was a disappointment, I was hoping it’d be a bit darker and more brown but it’s more of a light peachy brown that’s a bit lighter than my natural lip color so it’s not exactly the nude lip liner I was hoping for. I plan on using it as a base for my nude Lippie Stix like Tootsi and maybe Pillow Talk but I can’t see myself using it much. I really wish ColourPop would make a deep brown lip liner that’ll work for us dark skin divas. I’d probably buy 5 of those too!

ColourPop Weho, Finders Keepers Ultra Glossy Lip

As a nice bonus, ColourPop decided to whip up some mini tubes of their new, upcoming Ultra Glossy Lips and offered them as free gifts with your order. There were 4 shades to choose from and I ended up qualifying for two of them. I had my heart on WeHo and Finders Keepers since seeing them on ColourPop’s Instagram so I went ahead and snagged them up while I could. I don’t wear lip gloss too often but I’m pretty pumped to see ColourPop continue to expand their brand with a line of glosses. It’s a great move! So far, I’m really digging the colors and the formula. WeHo is a light peachy beige and Finders Keepers is a soft mauve-pink. They have a lightweight, creamy formula that’s slightly tacky but doesn’t feel super sticky or uncomfortable to wear. I do wish they were a little more moisturizing but I still think they’ll make nice glosses for on the go or great lipstick toppers. I don’t know when ColourPop plans on launching the new Ultra Glossy Lips but I’m looking forward to seeing the shades they come up with. I think I may buy a shade or two!

Have you ordered anything from ColourPop recently?

ColourPop Churro Super Shock Cheek, Dream Catches Super Shock Cheek

Churro and Dream Catcher Super Shock Cheek

ColourPop Alchemist Super Shock Shadow, LaLa Super Shock Shadow

Alchemy and LaLa Super Shock Shadows

ColourPop BFF3 Lippie Pencil, Creature Lippie Pencil

BFF 3 and Creature Lippie Pencils 

ColourPop Weho, Finders Keepers Ultra Glossy Lip

WeHo and Finders Keepers Ultra Glossy Lips

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  1. Jessy Ferreira

    i want. i need. that pinky eyeshadow is sooo pretty!! 🙂

    Xoxo Jessy

  2. Zovesta

    Love this haul! Lala looks gorgeous. =D Just want to add, it is super easy to fix shattered CP eyeshadows/blushes/etc. Just firmly press it all down – I like to rub the top in a circular motion once I’m all done packing it in to help smooth it out, too. I don’t remember which one of mine arrived broken, but one did, and that’s how I fixed it. =S Also, glad you’re loving the brow pencils! I’m tempted to order one… <:D

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