MAC Vamplify Gloss is Back!

MAC Vamplify Gloss is Back!

Last year, MAC released the Vamplify Collection featuring the most amazing line of lip glosses I’ve ever tried. I hated that they were limited edition because I really loved the formula and the colors that MAC whipped up were really something nice. Lucky for us, MAC doubled back on Vamplify collection and re-released it this summer including those beautiful Vamplify glosses that I just couldn’t stop wearing. Yaaaaas! Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thought the Vamplify glosses were due for a comeback because MAC brought back a handful of last year’s shades plus some new ones to fall in love with. I couldn’t be happier!

MAC Vamplify Gloss is Back!

If you haven’t tried a Vamplify Lip Gloss yet then you seriously need to hop on board this time around because they’re a makeup junkie’s dream! The Vamplify Lip Gloss formula is like a Cremesheen Glass and Lipglass combined. It features the full coverage and intense pigmentation of a Lipglass and the smooth, plush and creamy texture of the Cremesheen Glass. Basically, the Vamplify glosses are the best of both worlds! I own a handful of them and each shade applies smoothly and evenly (except She-Rebel) with full coverage in a single swipe a cushiony texture that’s lightly moisturizing and feels so good on the lips. The Vamplify Lip Glosses are hands down the best glosses MAC has ever created as they’re pigmented, easy on the lips and long-lasting holding up for around 4 hours before fading away. The last thing I need in my life is more lip gloss but I’d be lying if I said some of the new shades aren’t tempting me to order more. If you love a good gloss, then you need to head to MAC (or Nordstrom or Macy’s) to get your hands on a Vamplify Lip Gloss. It’ll be the best $20 you ever spend!

MAC Tuned In, What's Going On?, How Chic Is This?, She-Rebel Vamplify Lip Gloss

Tuned In, What’s Going On?, How Chic Is This? and She-Rebel

MAC Tuned In Vamplify Lip Gloss

Tuned In

MAC What's Going On? Vamplify Lip Gloss

What’s Going On?

MAC How Chic Is This? Vamplify Lip Gloss

How Chic Is This?

MAC She-Rebel Vamplify Lip Gloss