KaePop Til You Drop!

ColourPop x Karreuche KaePop

Just when you thought the ColourPop x Karrueche Collection was coming to an end they keep the ball rolling. That’s so ColourPop! I honestly wasn’t expecting much from Karrueche’s first ColourPop collection because I’ve never really paid attention to her style and makeup. But you know me. I can’t resist anything shiny, new or ColourPop so I eventually ordered her limited edition Ultra Matte Lips and Super Shock Cheek highlighter and ended up loving every piece.

I went from: “I don’t know about your collection, girl”

To: “Okay, Karrueche! Come through boo!”

ColourPop x Karreuche KaePop

This time around, I’m a little more inclined to try her latest creations because they’re very similar to the original KaePop Collection but still different. Instead of a collection of Ultra Matte Lips, she whipped up her signature shades in ColourPop’s new Ultra Glossy Lip formula. But she didn’t completely abandon the Ultra Matte Lip idea. There’s also a new red Ultra Matte Lip tossed in the mix along with the return of her original Rooch, Kae and Chi Lippie Pencils. I’ve been kicking myself for the longest for not ordering Rooch and Kae Lippie Pencils before they sold out so I’m excited they’ll be making a comeback so I can finally get my hands on them. I just love how creamy and long wearing ColourPop’s Lippie Pencils are and the colors Karrueche picked up are right up my alley so I just have to have Rooch and Kae liners this time around.

Part of me is also kinda excited about the glosses too. I say kinda because I’m more of a lipstick lover than a lip gloss gal but, again, Karrueche picked earthy nudes that look delicious on brown skin and are incredibly wearable. I have a thing for nude glosses that I can layer on top of lipsticks and liners for work so I’m thinking about picking up 2 of her new limited edition glosses when they release. Do I need them? Nope! But a girl’s gotta have nude gloss and Karrueche’s picks are so pretty and easy to pull off that I don’t think I can say no.

The new ColourPop x Karrueche KaePop Collection is also limited edition and will be available online today, August 25th, at 10 a.m. PST. ColourPop’s limited edition (and quantities) releases have been bananas lately but I don’t expect the KaePop Collection to be nearly as insane as the Ultra Metallic Lip or Brow releases so you’ll more than likely have a little time to check out more swatches and decide if you want to be naughty with me and add a few new glosses to your collection.

ColourPop x Karreuche KaePop

Saigon Ultra Matte Lip, Rooch Lippie Pencil, Stain Ultra Glossy Lip, Kae Lippie Pencil, Fug’d Ultra Glossy Lip, Chi Lippie Pencil and Lychee Me Ultra Glossy Lip