Laura Geller Just Blushing Palette Swatches

Laura Geller Just Blushing Palette

It takes a lot to make me blush but Laura Geller has me blushing all over the place with her new Just Blushing Palette. From the moment my package arrived I’ve been Just Blushing around every time I flip it open. Who wouldn’t get a little cheeky looking at this beauty? It’s so pretty! There’s beautiful marbled baked blushes and even one with a kiss print. The Just Blushing Palette is a blush junkie’s dream and its got me swooning all over the place these days.

Laura Geller Just Blushing Palette

Laura Geller makes some of the prettiest blushes I’ve ever seen and the Just Blushing Palette is the icing on the pretty blush cake. It features 3 baked blushes including:

  • Tropic Hues swirls of coral, pink and bronze
  • Bora Bora/Maui shimmering pink/berry pink
  • Golden Apricot swirls of bronze, fuchsia and coral

It’s a pretty shimmer heavy palette but it’s still a rather flattering mix of colors that’ll look great on a variety of skin tones without being too glittery or metallic. The fine shimmer seems to give each shade a pretty sheen that’s mostly noticeable when the light catches your cheeks. So you don’t have to worry about chunky bits of glitter getting everywhere or making you look like a walking disco ball or Christmas ornament.

Laura Geller Just Blushing Palette

I think all 3 shades are beautiful but I’m the most obsessed with Tropic Hues and Golden Apricot. Both of them look amazing on brown skin and double as a highlighter too thanks to the all the shimmer. Or they can be triple threats as a blush, highlighter and bronzer for light to medium skin tones. Bora Bora/Maui is quite the beautiful combo too as it adds a nice touch of pink that easily brightens the complexion yet still looks natural. Orange blushes are typically my go-to shades for blush but I love how Bora Bora/Mau looks on brown skin. It’s soft, delicate and feminine. Almost like brushing a flower onto your cheeks. Laura Geller really knows how to create stunning blushes and her Just Blushing Palette may be her greatest creation yet. If you like baked blushes and a little shimmer then I recommend checking out the Just Blushing Palette online while it’s still available. It’ll be the cutest $30 you’ll ever spend!

Laura Geller Just Blushing Palette

Golden Apricot, Bora Bora/Maui and Tropic Hues

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  1. Jessy Ferreira

    ahhhh so purty!! 🙂

    Xoxo Jessy

    1. It’s even prettier in person ?

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