Tarte x Nicol Concilio Brush Set Now Available!

Tarte x Nicole Concilio Brush Set

Is it just me or is Tarte getting a little chummy with YouTubers lately? This year alone, we’ve seen Tarte team up with Grav3Yard Girl, MakeupShayla and Hrush Achemyan. Now they’re teaming up with Nicol Concilio, yet another YouTuber, but this time for a limited edition brush set instead of a palette. I know a lot of people aren’t always a fan of YouTube collaborations for many reasons but as a blogger and YouTube hopeful I can’t help but rock with Tarte for spreading the love and giving these ladies some recognition. Besides MakeupShayla, I’ve never heard of any of the YouTubers Tarte usually features on social media and I had no clue who Grav3Yard Girl or Hrush Achemyan was before Tarte decided to work with them.┬áThese “celebrity” endorsements can be annoying at times but Tarte has been making the best of them this year with some pretty good releases. Which leaves me curious to learn about this Nicol Concilio girl and her new limited edition brush set with Tarte.

Tarte x Nicole Concilio Brush Set

In case you’ve never ventured off into her corner of YouTube either, Nicol Concilio is a New York based beauty blogger that’s cute as a button with her killer makeup looks. Nicol Concilio is a pretty big fan of Tarte so she jumped at the chance to collaborate with them to create this super cute limited edition brush set. I kinda dig Nicol Concilio for taking the brush route rather than another palette because let’s face it: we have all the palettes we need. And after Grav3Yard Girl, MakeupShayla and Hrush Achemyan, I think we all could use a little break from limited edition Tarte palettes. Sorry, Tarte! Nicol’s brush set includes:

  • Beauty in the Buff Airbuki Foundation Brush
  • Face Framer Powder Brush
  • Fan Girl Fan Brush
  • Smooth Moves Eye Blending Brush
  • Shade Thrower Contouring Eye Brush
  • Smudged Up Shadow Smudge Brush

I love the fact that you get a complete set of brushes that can be used for eyeshadow, highlighter, foundation and more for just $39. Not too shabby at all! I’m not sure if these brushes are as soft and dense as Tarte’s other brushes but if they are then Nicol’s set is quite the steal. At the moment, it’s sold out online at Tarte but I have a feeling that it will soon be restocked and we’ll be seeing it Sephora or Ulta (maybe both) in the near future.

Will you be grabbing the new Tarte x Nicol Concilio Brush Set?