Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Haul: Day 10

Butter London Provocative Plush Rush Lipstick, Fireworks Plush Rush Lip Gloss, Buzzed Plush Rush Lipstick, Rebellious Plush Rush Lipstick, Free Fall Plush Rush Lip Gloss, !!! Plush Rush Lipstick Swatches on Dark Skin

If you feel like you’re being bombarded with hauls here, you’re right. If you’re judging me, don’t. You don’t understand my struggle! Trying to resist not buying everything you see when you work at a beauty store is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. It’s like being a sweet tooth bandit and getting locked into a candy store. The end result will be tragic! That was exactly my dilemma working at Ulta during 21 Days of Beauty. I literally had to make a game plan complete with highlighted Beauty Steals and Hot Buys plus pricing after tax. It got real serious, real quick!

Butter London Provocative, Buzzed, Rebellious, !!! Plush Rush Lipstick Swatches on Dark Skin

There were a few things I knew I wanted for a fact like the LORAC and Becca blushes. However, I found myself thinking, “Oooo I want to try that!” with other products that weren’t even on my radar. Like the Butter London Plush Rush Lipsticks and Glosses that were half off one day. At first, I told myself I was good on lipsticks and glosses considering I already have a ton and just picked up the LORAC Alter Ego lip set. But, of course, curiosity killed the cat when I decided to slip one on just to see how I’d like them.

I picked up !!!, a bright violet purple, and immediately swooned over how pigmented and creamy the formula was. The Plush Rush Lipsticks glide on like butter and pretty much melt into your lips. I knew I was going to love them so I went ahead and placed an order for 4 shades including:

  • Provocative deep wine
  • Buzzed peachy brown nude
  • Rebellious fuchsia pink
  • !!! bright violet

Butter London Plush Rush Lipgloss in Fireworks and Free Fall Swatches on Dark Skin

You can’t have lipstick without gloss, right? After realizing just how amazing Butter London’s Plush Rush Lipsticks were I went ahead and tried on a lip gloss and too. Again, I was suckered into how nice they felt on the lips and I really liked a couple of the colors so I went ahead and ordered 2 glosses as well including:

  • Fireworks sheer peachy with golden shimmer
  • Free Fall deep beige nude with golden shimmer

I honestly didn’t need any new lippies but I don’t regret a single thing because Butter London’s Plush Rush formulas are pretty darn nice. If it wasn’t for their Beauty Steal I probably would have went the rest of my life not knowing how plush and creamy their lipsticks and glosses are. Don’t you just love good impulse buys?

Did you grab any Butter London lippies during 21 Days of Beauty?

Butter London !!!, Rebellious, Buzzed and Provocative Plush Rush Lipstick Swatches on Dark Skin

!!!, Rebellious, Buzzed, Provocative

Butter London Fireworks and Free Fall Plush Rush Lip Gloss Swatches on Dark Skin

Fireworks and Free Fall