Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails Review

Easy DIY Salon Manicure with Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails!

Convenient and affordable aren’t words I’d use to describe my makeup routine. At all. There’s nothing convenient or necessarily affordable about $50 palettes and $20+ lipsticks. My nail routine wasn’t exactly simple either. Consisting of 2 trips a month to the nail salon with trips ranging from $25 to $65. Yikes! I’m a hardcore makeup junkie but I also can’t live without a set of manicured nails. That’s why press on nails are the best thing since sliced bread in my world.

It’s just something about a fresh manicure that makes me feel like a lady. And I’m sure many other women can relate. Press on nails have came back in a major way becoming a huge trend for 2018. I’m all for it! Applying press on nails is super easy and they last much longer than I imagined. Plus they’re way cheaper (and more convenient) than trips to the salon. Just $8 a set!

Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails Review

Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails

My favorite press on nails are the Kiss Gel Fantasy series. They’re amazing! The Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails comes with everything you need for a professional-looking salon manicure. I’ve lost count how many times people have complimented me on my nails. Only to be completely shocked that I’m wearing press on nails when they ask for the salon. Yes, girl. They’re that good!

Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails Review

What sets the Kiss Gel Fantasy series apart?

The Gel Fantasy series is my go to because the designs are absolutely stunning! They’re exactly like the pretty designs and glitter you’d see on Instagram or Pinterest. Just much cheaper. I’m also a huge fan of the Kiss Gel Fantasy series because it comes with protective nail adhesive stickers. Which works like a charm to protect my natural nail bed from getting damaged. Plus, it acts as an extra hold for the included nail glue. Double score! You also get a nice mini double sided nail file and stick to achieve the most natural results.

Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails Review

Step 1: Apply the Nail Adhesive

The Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails may look complicated with their intricate designs. But they’re actually extremely easy to apply. First, you’ll want to apply the nail adhesive. It’s important to choose the best size for each nail for a natural finish. I like to measure my nail behind the stickers to make sure they’re a good fit before I peel them off. The sticker may not always fit across your entire nail. And that’s fine! The glue isn’t super harsh so your nail beds won’t be ruined if they’re not completely covered. Just avoid choosing a nail adhesive that’s too large for your nail. Otherwise, it’ll begin to peek out and lift.

Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails Review

Step 2: Choose the Right Nail

Next, you have to select the right size nail for each finger. This part takes a little time but it’s not hard. I promise! It’s just a bit tedious because you have to sift through 24 nails to find the perfect 10 for you. On the bright side, Kiss gives you quite a bit of variety so you’re able to achieve a nice full set whether your nail beds are slim or wide. That’s something that’s greatly appreciated when you have small fingers!

Quick Tip: Place the nail over the nail adhesive (with the protective cover still on) to insure you’re getting the best fit. You’ll see exactly how the nail will look once glued.

Once you find a good match, you can look in the inside of the nail (at the top) for the number imprinted. It’ll help you easily pick out the coordinating nail for your other hand. Sort them all out and then remove the nail glue. It’s time to apply!

For the best application, apply a pin sized amount of nail glue to the press on nail. Be sure to spread it around to the edges. Then, gently press the nail onto your nail making sure to give a little pressure to the sides. Keep applying pressure until the glue begins to dry. You’ll know it’s good to go when the press on feels firmly secured to your nail without slipping around. Continue each finger until you’re done. It’s that easy!

Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails Review

The Finished Result

The result is beautiful, natural looking nails that look like you’ve just stepped out of a salon. I love it! The Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails are both affordable and convenient making them ideal for everyone to the busy business women to the stay at home.

I first tried the Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails for a wedding. Expecting them to pop right off by the end of the night. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could squeeze almost 3 weeks out of a single set. Go ‘head, Kiss!

Granted, I would experience a bit of lifting or completely lose a nail at times. This isn’t a big deal to me though. For one, Kiss provides you with more than enough glue, adhesive and nails to ensure you get a full set plus a solid set of replacements. Two, I now only pay about $20 (or less with coupons) a month to keep my nails looking fabulous. Versus the $50+ I was spending at the salon. Who can really complain? Skip the hefty salon bill and long waits this holiday, sis. Try the Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails!