FreeTress Equal Danity Synthetic Lace Front Wig Brazilian Natural Collection Review

#BaddieOnABudget: FreeTress Equal Danity Lace Front Wig Review

Let’s keep it all the way real. Looking fly and well kept has gotten expensive as hell! We all want to look good and feel fabulous. It’s only natural. But I’m tired of spending unnecessary coin to slay. You can slay on a budget, sis!

That’s why I’ve created this new weekly series, #BaddieOnABudget. I want to share with you all my favorite budget beauty buys to help you capture your inner “Instagram Baddie” without going broke. Starting with this FreeTress Equal Danity Synthetic Lace Front WigI’ve been loving. She changed my life, honey!

FreeTress Equal Danity Synthetic Lace Front Wig Brazilian Natural Collection Review

Baddie Budget Friendly!

I’m incredibly impatient and impulsive. So I trekked over to my local hood beauty supply to shop for my first wig. Big mistake! The selection was limited and the prices were hiked to no end. I did manage to find the FreeTress Equal Danity Synthetic Lace Front Wig for about $50. Which isn’t too bad. Until you search online and see that it’s about $20 cheaper (with shipping included) online. Doh!I highly recommend you hit the beauty supply to view the wig in person and then order it online. You can find it here for just $19.99 at the time of this post.

FreeTress Equal Brazilian Natural Collection

Brazilian hair is a huge trend in the black community because the texture mimics both relaxed and natural hair when straightened. So FreeTress whipped up a line of affordable “Brazilian” lace front wigs that are surprisingly nice! My first choice was the style, Danity.

Danity is a very full unit with a loose body curl and long side bangs. She’s about 22-24 inches in length and also features:

  • deep invisible L part
  • combs in the front and back
  • adjustable strap

FreeTress Equal Danity Synthetic Lace Front Wig Brazilian Natural Collection Review

First Impressions

Danity feels soft, lush and bouncy fresh out of the pack. Synthetic hair has certainly come a long way! Danity feels and looks a lot like Brazilian hair. The fibers are lightweight and airy so they flow naturally and don’t look or feel plastic or unnatural.

This is exactly how Danity looks out of the box without any styling. Gorgeous, right? ? She just flows with a medium luster and tons of body. The L part isn’t super tiny but it isn’t very wide either. I tried to pluck a few hairs from the part. Then I got nervous and decided to just blend some concealer and loose powder into the part to make it appear bigger. This worked like a charm!

The texture feels exactly like human hair to me. Which I loved. Danity feels like the softest Brazilian bundles when you run your fingers through it. I barely experienced any shedding or tangling. At first.

FreeTress Equal Danity Synthetic Lace Front Wig Brazilian Natural Collection Review

The Maintenance & Wear

Danity honestly doesn’t require much maintenance at all. And I think that’s where I messed up at. Danity comes with an extremely long side bang that needed some serious trimming. I was too nervous to do it myself at first. So I resorted to pin curling Danity to create face framing curls for a more natural look.

And it worked!

Danity holds on to curls really well! My pin curls always looked bouncy and beautiful. Even if I’d only let them set for a few hours. At first, I didn’t notice much tangling.

FreeTress Equal Danity Synthetic Lace Front Wig Brazilian Natural Collection Review

Tangle City

But as the weeks went on, all that friction from brushing and pin curling started to make Danity frizzy. And with frizz comes tangles. The tangling wasn’t as bad after the first 2-3 weeks.

However, after a full month, it became unbearable! The biggest problem area is the nape. Or behind the neck. Tangling and matting is very common in the nape. Especially with synthetic hair. I can’t fully fault the wig because I know it was my constant manipulation that aided in the tangle feat.

I found that rich moisturizers and and detanglers greatly helped to remove the tangles and knock out frizz. But only for a wear or so. On the bright side, I know that once I wash Danity she’ll be almost like new again. The girl knows how to snap back, chile!

Is Danity Worth It?

Yes! The FreeTress Equal Danity Synthetic Lace Front Wig really impressed me! I received tons of compliments from people who mistaked it for a weave. Or even my own hair! Danity is very soft, quite easy to maintain and, surprisingly, doesn’t shed much.

The biggest issues are tangling and frizz. Which is natural, honestly. Synthetic wigs are going to tangle and shed. That’s a given with all extensions. So be prepared to keep a wig brush handy!