Holistic Beauties Best Face Friend BFF Review

Cleanse Your Pores + Completely Smooth Your Skin with the BFF!

Holistic Beauties Best Face Friend BFF Review

Put Your Skin First!

It’s first thing in the morning. You wake up with a new friend on your face. And your first instinct is to grab your concealer and foundation. I get it, girl. We’re all guilty of it!

Unfortunately, makeup is just a messy band-aid. It may cover your sins today. But it’ll just clog your pores and make matters worse tomorrow. Especially if you aren’t removing your makeup properly or thoroughly cleansing your skin!

You can read up on my skincare routine + the products I use to here. Also, learn how to build your own skin regimen here.

Holistic Beauties Best Face Friend BFF Review

Holistic Beauties Best Face Friend (BFF)

I’ve discovered a way to help keep those pesky unwanted face visitors at bay. Before they even show up! And after too, of course. The Holistic Beauties Best Face Friend (BFF) is an electric silicone pore cleansing brush designed to release blackheads, clogged pores, dirt and oil. The BFF uses unique high frequency vibration technology that also:

  • Helps to increase blood flow
  • Heal breakouts sooner
  • Tighten skin
  • Increase radiance

Holistic Beauties Best Face Friend BFF Review

How It Works

The Holistic Beauties BFF is a small yet easy to grip brush that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It features bristles on both sides to cater to all skin types. And your different skin moods.

The front of the BFF features small bristles for a gentle cleanse suitable for sensitive and normal to dry skin. There’s a small cluster of larger bristles at the very top designed to loosen dirt and oil from our tough areas like the T-zone.

The back is completely covered with larger bristles. This side is great for people with combination to oily skin who need a little extra effort. You can also control the speed and intensity on the front of the BFF to completely customize your cleansing experience to best suit your needs.

Holistic Beauties Best Face Friend BFF Review

The Results

I’ve been using this little wonder brush for about 2 weeks now and I certainly notice a difference in my skin. Some changes were instant. Like the increased radiance. My skin was instantly glowing after the first time I used the BFF. The texture of my skin was also much smoother and incredibly supple. My skincare practically melted into my skin after just one use.

There’s also some noticeable long term benefits, too! At first, I was suffering a nasty hormonal breakout starting from my chin and ending at my cheek. I started using the Holistic Beauties BFF day and night until for about 3 days before I notice my breakout start to disappear. So it does hold up to its claim of healing breakouta faster.

In general, I’ve noticed an overall improvement in the texture and appearance of my skin since using the BFF. My skin is much more radiant and smooth these days. The changes are most noticeable when I wear makeup. Everything applies and wears so much better! My foundation and concealer still looks smooth and fresh by the end of the day versus dry, caked and creasing.

Holistic Beauties Best Face Friend BFF Review

Is the Holistic Beauties Best Face Friend Worth It?

Absolutely! It’s extremely easy to use, delivers excellent results and it’s not quite as expensive as other cleansing systems. You could consider the Holistic Beauties Best Face Friend a dupe for the Foreo Luna. I’ve never used a Foreo Luna so I can’t honestly compare the two. However, the concept and design is extremely similar here. Except the BFF comes with a much friendlier price tag of $100. Or just $69.99 when you click here. You can even enter to win one for FREE here! My Holistic Beauties BFF Giveaway ends on Monday, August 20th. So enter soon! Good luck!