Makeup Tips: How to Stop Your Makeup From Creasing Looking Cakey

Here’s 2 SUPER Easy Tricks to Banish Creasing & Cake Face

Let’s face it. Cakey makeup and creasing is inevitable with all these new full coverage foundations and baking. But there’s 2 simple ways of banishing cakey makeup that settles into every nook and cranny before the party even starts. And they work like a charm!

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!

You’d be surprised how well skin reacts to makeup when it’s properly moisturized. Your foundation, concealer and powder applies, blends and wears so much better on moisturized skin. No matter your skin type. This is why you see so many YouTubers dousing themselves in oils or facial sprays before applying foundation. The more moisture, the better!

My dry skin is prone to creasing and eventually looking cakey. So I like to layer an ultra hydrating primer on top of my skin. This helps to smooth my skin and reduces the appearance of texture. Plus, plumps up my fine lines so they’re less noticeable and thirsty to soak up product.

My go to hydrating primer is Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer. It’s like a glass of water for my skin. My face is instantly hydrated, plump and ready to go!

Setting Spray is Your Best Friend!

I’m not saying you have to drown yourself in setting spray for a flawless look. But a little bath never hurt! Spritzing a bit of setting spray before and after you apply your foundation is a major key.

Setting spray (not finishing spray!) is formulated to lock makeup in place and restrict movement. Aka reduce creasing and settling. So why not apply setting spray before applying your foundation, too?

Now your skin is prepared to instantly lock in your foundation as you apply it. Versus sliding into fine lines and wrinkles or sitting unnaturally on top of skin. And the results are instantly noticeable! Imagine having Instagram ready, airbrushed like makeup without a filter. Goals!

Picking the right setting spray depends on your skin type. My skin is normal/dry combination. I prefer to use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dewy Set as it’s very hydrating and makes blending a breeze. To really lock things in, I like to finish with Urban Decay All Nighter as it’s truly budge-proof!

More Setting Spray, Please!

Remembering to lock everything in with an additional layer of setting spray is the cherry on top for a flawless look. I still recommend using a setting powder (just a little if you’re dry!) for added protection. However, don’t let powder be your last step!

Powder has a way of sitting on top of skin and settling into fine lines and wrinkles. Often accentuating texture and making your makeup look worse. Applying setting spray after helps powder absorb into skin. Plus, it gets rid of that freshly powdered look that eventually cakes up.

No more creasing or cake face!

I’ve been using these techniques for weeks now and the results are truly astounding. I used to crease or begin looking cakey/powdery within the first few hours of heading out. Now? My makeup looks like skin for hours on end without the need for constant touch ups. You’ve got to try it, sis!

Just look at the difference a little extra moisture and setting spray makes!

Makeup Tips: How to Stop Your Makeup From Creasing Looking Cakey
Before: Using a Mattifying Primer + Setting Spray ONLY After Makeup
Makeup Tips: How to Stop Your Makeup From Creasing Looking Cakey
After: Using a Hydrating Primer + Setting Spray BEFORE & AFTER Makeup