Freetress Equal Creta Girl Drawstring Ponytail Tutorial Review

Easy, Affordable 10 Minute Ponytail Slay with FreeTress Equal Creta Girl

Keeping your hair laid can be expensive. Those salon visits every few weeks quickly add up and eat at your pockets. Thank goodness FreeTress Equal has a solution! FreeTress Equal offers a wide variety of drawstring ponytails that literally take minutes to apply. Instantly turning you into your own stylist for the day!

The best part? They start as low as $10 in stores. And even cheaper online. You can’t beat that!


Freetress Equal Creta Girl Drawstring Ponytail Tutorial Review

Tons of Variety, But Creta Girl is a Classic

I remember fumbling through the ponytail aisle at my local Beauty Supply. Nervous, yet excited to find a ponytail I could easily slay as a beginner. For once, I didn’t do much research and went out on blind faith.I spotted the FreeTress Equal Creta Girl Drawstring Ponytail and instantly started looking up YouTube reviews. The curls looked tight and shiny in the package. Yet, I had a feeling it could blend nicely with my natural hair when teased. And I was right. After a couple of videos, I was heading out the door with my new ponytail that I couldn’t wait to put on. I had no idea I would even up loving this drawstring ponytail so much! Freetress Equal Creta Girl Drawstring Ponytail Tutorial Review

A Natural Look That’s Easy to Install + Long Lasting

Synthetic hair can truly be hit or miss. Which made me hesitant to expect much from Creta Girl initially. The quality ended up being quite impressive, though! Finger combing Creta Girl for more volume and a more natural look is a breeze. Plus, it doesn’t affect the integrity of the ponytail. Creta Girl manages to look fresh and bouncy for weeks. Especially when cared for properly and maintained. I’ve tried other synthetic ponytails that didn’t hold up nearly as well as Creta Girl. I can get at least 2 weeks of wear out of her before she starts to look frizzy. Then, I simply sweep her into a chic bun for another 2 or more weeks of wear. She’s that impressive, sis!

What I love most, though, is that Creta Girl looks super natural without costing a fortune. The curl pattern mimics natural black hair with the perfect amount of kinky. I get tons of compliments every time I wear Creta Girl. I love her!

Want to see me install Creta Girl?

You know I got you, sis! Here’s a quick, easy to follow tutorial: