CoverGirl Lava-nder Lip Lava Lip Gloss Review

Hey there glitter gal! Getting ready to head out for a fun Saturday night on the town? Well here’s a gloss that’ll definitely set the mood on this fine spring night. CoverGirl Lava-nder Lip Lava Lip Gloss is a fun, rocking purple loaded with glitter that’ll add some pop to your look and light up any night […]

CoverGirl Lava Glow Lip Lava Gloss Review

Yes, I am still over here getting my glitter on with these CoverGirl Lip Lava glosses! The holidays are officially over but these festive looking lippies are still giving me a bit of life these days. Especially with all this freezing weather. I could use a little sparkle to brighten up my day!

Sparkle On This New Year with CoverGirl Look It’s Lava! Lip Lava Gloss

Where’s my glitter fiends? You need to grab this for tomorrow, girl! If you’re anything like my glitter loving self then I’m sure you’ll be decked out in glittery eyes or lips for New Years Eve. I went all out with glittery lids last year so I’m bringing in 2015 with blinging lips! One of […]

CoverGirl Ooh La Lava Lip Lava Gloss Review

Told you, I already started testing these babies out! After seeing all that glitter I just couldn’t wait to see how the CoverGirl Lip Lava glosses held up. The first shade I decided to try was Ooh La Lava and I think I’m in love!

Get Your Glitter On with the New CoverGirl Lip Lava Gloss!

If you love to dress your kissers up in glitter then you’ll be all over this new lip gloss line! When I spotted the CoverGirl Lip Lava display at my local CVS I rushed to grab 5 of them because they looked like pure glittery goodness. You can literally see all that shimma and duochrome […]

Slip into the MAC Le Disko for Less

If you’ve never had the balls to sneak into a party now is the perfect time to grow some because we’re crashing the MAC Le Disko, baby! MAC recently launched a limited edition collection of dazzling eyeshadows, liners and lip glosses that are definitely the life of the party. Sounds like fun, right?

Lancôme Violette Pirouette Lip Lover Review

Sometimes in the beauty world, companies release products with gimmicky names that don’t always make sense. Like the CoverGirl Lip Lava glosses. I like the name, it’s cute. But when I think of lava, I think of hot. Not, “Ooo hot metallic glitta!” However, it seems that Lancôme was a little more spot on with their […]

Fancie Faves Lip Glosses of 2014

Now that we’ve got all those lipsticks out of the way let’s move on to some glosses! Sorry lipsticks. It’s just been a good year for gloss! There’s been a lot of great new formulas released like CoverGirl Lip Lava, L’Oreal Extraordinaire Lip Color and L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint. But there’s also been some […]

Flower Beauty Stop the Violets! Shine On Lip Gloss Review

Care for a little lip gloss this Christmas? Who am I kidding? Sure you do! I know I just showed you two really awesome glosses (Cover Girl Ooh La Lava Lip Lava and NYX Sugar Cookie Butter Gloss) but I’ve got even more gloss goodness for ya.

Gloss in High Definition with the New Revlon HD Gloss!

Hey there, gloss gal! I know I just bedazzled your mind with those amazing Covergirl Lip Lava glosses but there’s even more gloss goodies out there. And you know I have to share them!