Sonia Kashuk Art of Makeup ABC 6 Piece Brush Set Review

Sonia Kashuk makes, hands down, some of the cutest brush sets ever. I’m always pleasantly surprised and wildly excited each time she releases one. The girl’s got style! Recently, Sonia Kashuk launched the bold and colorful Art of Makeup Collection filled with brush sets, brush cups, a makeup tray and more exclusively at Target.

New Sonia Kashuk Art of Makeup ABC Six Piece Brush Set!

Wondering what I spent my $3 off Target Beauty coupon on? Well wonder no more! I ended up grabbing one of the new Sonia Kashuk brush sets from the limited edition Art of Makeup Collection just like I said I would. I know, I’m so predictable!

8 Ways to Perfect your Makeup with Skin Care

Autumn and winter usher in air that is dry – sadly, that means you often experience dry skin that starts to flake and chap. Especially if you are getting whipped in the face by cold, driving winds on a daily basis. It makes it really difficult to get your skincare routine just right, but it […]

My Top 5 MAC Brushes

Happy Monday! I know you’re dreading the start of yet another work week but at least I’m here to brighten your dreary Monday with a little MAC love. Last time, we dove into some of my favorite coral lipsticks and favorite highlighters from MAC so I figured I’d keep the faves train going and share my […]

I’m Kinda Digging Makeup Revolution..

When you’re constantly being bombarded with pretty images of new releases and bomb new collections from uber popular brands it can be hard to see the beauty in other brands. It literally took me years to wean myself off MAC and now my eyes are open to the endless world of wonderful makeup brands out […]

Tarte x Nicol Concilio Brush Set Now Available!

Is it just me or is Tarte getting a little chummy with YouTubers lately? This year alone, we’ve seen Tarte team up with Grav3Yard Girl, MakeupShayla and Hrush Achemyan. Now they’re teaming up with Nicol Concilio, yet another YouTuber, but this time for a limited edition brush set instead of a palette. I know a […]

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush Review

A clear, healthy complexion is easy to achieve when you have the right tools on hand. There’s a lot that goes into keeping your complexion in tip top shape including drinking lots of water, eating nutrient rich food, moisturizing and keeping your skin clean. All of which are easier said than done. If I had […]

Tarte x MakeupShayla Tarteist Contour Palette Review

Everyone has a favorite YouTuber or two and one of mine is MakeupShayla. I don’t always have the time to watch her YouTube tutorials but I often live on her Snapchat when I’m on the go. Whether she’s getting ready for an event, showing us footage for an upcoming tutorial or just hanging on the […]