Soft, Smooth Skin with Shea Moisture

Goodbye dry skin, hello Shea Moisture! After listening to my makeup buddy, Katherine, I decided to venture into Shea Moisture’s bath and body line by trying one of their famous soaps, Dry Oil Mist and Bath, Body & Massage Oil. This stuff is gold! It’s all formulated with: Coconut Oil to nourish and help firm […]

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Mask Review

It seems to be the older I get, the more focused I become on skincare. Makeup will always be my first beauty love but now that I’m in my mid-20’s I believe it’s time for me to start getting more serious about skincare. When I first got into makeup, I didn’t know squat about maintaining a healthy […]

Shea Moisture Lip Exfoliator Review

As a self proclaimed lipstick queen, I have become obsessed with keeping my lips soft, smooth and flake free. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect lipstick shade, slathering it on and then watching your dry lips flake, peel and pick that poor color apart. It’s heartbreaking! That’s why I rarely hesitate to pick up […]

Shea Moisture Jenny Lip Gloss Review

You know what I love? Trying new brands. Shea Moisture Cosmetics has been around for quite some time but in the midst of always trying to avoid that damn Target curse I inadvertently avoided the line. Until, of course, I stopped by Target to grab the new Sonia Kashuk brush set and somehow two Shea […]

Shea Moisture Lip Gloss Haul & Swatches

Naturally, I didn’t go to Target and get just one thing. That’s just preposterous! No one ever goes to Target and walks out with just one thing. Even if that’s exactly what you planned to do. Somehow, things just hop into your hands and the next thing you know you have a cart full of […]

Jane Carter Solution Restore Moisture Mist Review

Having thick hair is both a blessing and a curse. It’s nice to have lots of volume and body but it’s a lot of maintenance. My thick hair usually requires regular protein treatments and a lot of moisture to keep it healthy, shiny and frizz free. Keeping my hair moisturized has always been a struggle […]

Another Ulta Mass Skincare Haul

Did I mention that I was becoming a bit of a skincare junkie? There’s nothing like a clear complexion and I’ve been sorta addicted to keeping my skin in tip top shape these days. My skin doesn’t have too many imperfections minus some unevenness but I do struggle with fine dry lines that fail to […]

Clearance Chronicles at Ulta: Mass Haircare Haul

Makeup and skincare are passions of mine but I also have a serious thing for healthy haircare. For years, I’ve been learning how to style and care for my relaxed hair to keep it healthy and eventually grow out my tresses to waist length. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with life and tend to […]

Eczema Struggles? Try This!

Dry skin comes with its struggles all year round but things can get really bad once the winter rolls around. The cold temperatures, harsh winds and dry indoor heat can wreak havoc on dry skin and cause all sorts of nasty skin struggles. One of the most common (and annoying!) of winter skin struggles is […]

On Thanksgiving We Wear Pink!

Happy Turkey Day! This week has been a hectic one but boy am I looking forward to some relaxation, good food and family time today. I’m sure you are too! So as you prepare to dress your face before stuffing it I want to give you a little pink inspiration for the holiday. Consider this […]