Meet Fancie

Meet Fancie: Fancieland Bio

Well hello! I’m Fancie, your go to source for all things beauty and then some. I’m just a regular girl from the east side of Detroit chasing a dream in this crazy beauty industry. My passion for beauty was sparked years ago in my dorm room binge watching beauty tutorials on YouTube. The world of beauty seemed like so much fun! I learned everything I could from YouTube–from color matching to contouring. Then I practiced. And practiced some more. Until I felt myself growing comfortable enough with my skills and techniques to share with you!

It’s been a long journey since my college days of YouTube binging. But I’m just getting stated! I got my first break in the beauty industry in the cosmetic department at Nordstrom as a Beauty Advisor. I worked at many different counters there including: M∙A∙CChanel, Laura MercierJo Malone and more. I gained a great deal of experience from freelancing at the M∙A∙C counter and attending their update trainings. From there, I went on to formally become a Makeup Artist exclusively for Dior and Bobbi Brown.

Over the years, I’ve learned tons of tricks, tips and techniques from a host of professional brands. Why not share them? I know there’s plenty of makeup lovers and melanin beauty queens who are searching for the right tools, tips and guidance in this hectic beauty world. And I’m here to help!