Best of 2015: Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks we’re a huge hit in 2015. Huge. Brands who didn’t have them (ColourPop, Tarte, etc) were quick to adopt them. While other brands (like Kat Von D and NYX) beefed up their existing lineups to cover every base possible. I
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5 Liquid Lipsticks for Fall

And lastly, we have liquid lipsticks. I know there’s someone out there like me that’s still obsessing over liquid lipsticks. Do they take a little extra time and effort to apply? Yes. Is the time and effort worth it? Absolutely! Liquid lipsticks
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A Little Liquid Lipstick Love

Happy father’s day! I hope you soaked up some fun, ate some great food and spent time with your family. After you’ve finished your dessert, I want to show you some liquid lipsticks that I’ve been digging lately. When I say digging I
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Kat Von D Bauhau5 Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Review

In honor of the new Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shades coming soon I’ve been wearing mine like crazy. I don’t really need any special reason to wear them, though. I could honestly wear these babies everyday. The formula is so addicting!