Milani Enchanted Emerald Constellation Gel Eye Liner Review

Milani has released some pretty amazing new products this year but the Bedazzled Collection just takes the cake! I enjoyed the lipsticks but the Constellation Gel Eye Liners have really captured my heart. They’re truly out of this world!

Milani Enchanted Topaz Matte Lip Art Lipstick Review

I’m pretty much always down to rock a bold lip but you know what? Nudes aren’t so bad. They can actually be pretty sexy! At first, Enchanted Topaz seemed to be the least exciting piece in my Bedazzled Collection haul. “It’s just
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Milani Enchanted Ruby Matte Lip Art Lipstick Review

Now here’s a lipstick we can all appreciate! I know a matte lavender lip doesn’t excite everyone but a deep sexy red that’s fall ready is bound to turn a few heads.┬áMeet Enchanted Ruby. She’s one of the gorgeous new limited edition
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Milani Enchanted Amethyst Matte Lip Art Lipstick Review

Oh, Milani. Why couldn’t you just make a billion Enchanted Amethyst lipsticks so we could all easily grab one? Or two. Or three. This is such a tough lipstick to find! It’s sort of become the modern day unicorn. We know it
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