Best of 2015: Drugstore Lipsticks

I spent a lot of time in the drugstore aisles last year so it’s no surprise that I picked up an insane amount of budget beauty lipsticks. Believe it or not, there’s some really impressive formulas and colors hidden in drugstore aisles–all
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5 Lavender Lippies for Spring

This one’s for the playful guys and gals! Lavender lippies used to be so hard to find (especially good ones) but now that purple is all the rage more and more companies are spitting them out. Surprisingly, drugstore brands seem to dominate
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Maybelline Rose Rush Rebel Bloom Lipstick Review

I know Monday probably isn’t your favorite day of the week but I have a couple things that just might brighten up your day! First, you get a chance to win the new Milani Matte Lipsticks. Then, I’m going to show you beautiful coral
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Maybelline Carnation Cabernet & Tangy Tulip Rebel Bloom Lipstick Review

Maybelline sure is working overtime to make sure we’re prepared for spring! First, they gave us a handful (or two) of new, permanent Rebel Bloom lipsticks and now we’re getting a few more limited edition shades too. I don’t know about you but
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Maybelline Blushing Bud Rebel Bloom Lipstick Review

More pink! That’s right. I’m still on a Pink Wednesday kick over here! This time with a much softer, everyday kind of pink. Like the darling new Maybelline Blushing Bud Rebel Bloom lipstick. It’s a pink lip just about anyone can wear!

More Maybelline Rebel Bloom Lipsticks!

Apparently the new Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bloom lipsticks are a huge hit because they’re flying off the shelves pretty much everywhere! I spotted them a while ago at Target and recently spotted them again at CVS. Both times Lilac Flush was
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Maybelline Barely Bloomed Rebel Bloom Lipstick Review

You know what would make drugstore shopping even more awesome? Testers! I know some products are starting to use testers (thank goodness!) but I’d love to see them become the norm in drugstore aisles. It would make my life so much easier!

Maybelline Power Peony Rebel Bloom Lipstick Review

We’re finally starting to get a bit of snow here in Michigan but I’m already dreaming of spring. Lately we’ve been enjoying 40-50 degree weather but now it’s like 10 degrees outside and I can’t deal. Please give me sunshine and warmth!
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Maybelline Orchid Ecstasy Rebel Bloom Lipstick Review

Now this is a lipstick launch I can get behind! Creamy, easy to wear pastels? Yes, please! The Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bloom lipsticks have just landed in stores but I predict that they’re going to be a huge hit this spring.
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