Milani Enchanted Black Opal Constellation Gel Eye Liner Review

When it comes to the Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners you either love them or hate them. Me? I love them! The formula has some flaws but this $7 eyeliner is still beautiful and it gets the job done. I’m not going
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Milani Enchanted Emerald Constellation Gel Eye Liner Review

Milani has released some pretty amazing new products this year but the Bedazzled Collection just takes the cake! I enjoyed the lipsticks but the Constellation Gel Eye Liners have really captured my heart. They’re truly out of this world!

Milani Enchanted Lapis Constellation Gel Eye Liner Review

Black eyeliner is so yesterday! Sure it’s a great color for defining the eyes but sometimes you have to spice things up. Throw a little color in that smokey eye, girl! I’ve always had a thing for blue eyeliners but the new
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