How I’ll Keep My Lips Flake Free This Winter

We all struggle with dry lips from time to time but it seems to be a non-stop plague for me. It drives me crazy! Especially when I have a cute, new lipstick that requires my lips to be flake free to look
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Makeup Academy Sugar Lip Scrub Review

This stuff is holy grail, guys! Holy. Grail. The last time I went to CVS I noticed that Makeup Academy had a new display of tinted lip balms that included this Sugar Lip Scrub. I thought, “What the heck. Why not?” Who
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Milani Bedazzled Collection Haul & Swatches

Milani, Milani, Milani. I’m all for limited edition collections but why do you have to make it so hard for us?! First you drop these amazingly beautiful Constellation Gel Eyeliners on us. Then you toss in 3 of your upcoming matte lipsticks
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I Went into CVS for a Nail Polish..

But came out with all of this. I know, I have a problem. CVS just makes makeup shopping so addictive though! There’s always a sale and everything is already super cheap so it makes me want to buy more. Crazy right?

So I Went Back to CVS…

And ended up with all of this. I know. This is kind of insane. But it’s so hard to stay out of CVS when I’m always racking up Extra Care bucks and coupons! Who can say no to 30% off plus an
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