Add a Little Glow to Your Routine!

Can you tell that I’m obsessed with glowing, dewy skin? It just looks amazing in the spring and summer! As I was telling Katherine, (we’re great makeup buds in my head lol), I haven’t quite achieved that highlight that the ladies of the
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Fancie Faves

Ahh March. It’s like I barely knew you. You came and went so fast! Tomorrow marks the start of April so it’s that time to spill about my favorite products. You ready? Let’s get started!

Fancie's Faves

Last month really brought the heat here in Michigan and in the makeup world! I hauled my butt off last month and fell for some pretty amazing products! All of my faves are pretty new to my collection but I’ve definitely come
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MAC Temperature Rising Haul

I really hate that I’ve been so busy! I’ve been waiting to rave about the MAC Temperature Rising collection for what seems like an eternity! A lot of items may be a little difficult to track down since it’s been out for
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