5 Hydrating Primers for Dry Skin

Tired of your foundation and concealer emphasizing your dry skin? Me too, girl! I’ve tried a ton of different foundations and concealers throughout the years and I’ve discovered that it’s not always the formula that needs a change. Sometimes it’s our approach, skin
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What Beauty Products Can’t You Live Without?

This is probably the hardest question you’re ever gonna be asked. So brace yourself. Here it goes. If you had to leave behind all of your makeup and only pack your must haves, what would they be? For me, this answer seems
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Fancie’s Skincare Giveaway!

You know what time it is! When I love something I love to share it with you guys. Both figuratively and literally. Lately, I’ve been all about healthy skin and thanks to these drugstore goodies my skin is in tip top shape.
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Physicians Formula Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil Bronzer Review

You know what goes great with warm weather and sunshine? A dewy complexion and a bronzed sun-kissed glow. That’s what summertime is all about! You may not want to glow in the dark like an Atlanta housewife, but if you’re looking to
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Fancie Faves

Ahh March. It’s like I barely knew you. You came and went so fast! Tomorrow marks the start of April so it’s that time to spill about my favorite products. You ready? Let’s get started!