Lipstick Binge!

Extra Care bucks are seriously what dreams are made of! It’s like getting rewarded for buying makeup. Such a rush! I had a few Extra Care bucks lying around so I thought, “Why not grab some new lipsticks?”

L’Oreal Eternal Rose Infallible Lipstick Review

Whenever I go on a drugstore rampage I almost always forget to raid the L’Oreal section. Things are definitely about to change! After picking up a couple of the newly repackaged Infallible lipsticks I must say I’m pretty pleased. Eternal Rose has introduced
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L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick Haul & Swatches

You’d think that after Operation Vanity I’d slow down on the lipstick hauling. Nope! There’s just something about new lipsticks that never gets old! I was hanging around on Instagram one night and saw a beautiful picture featuring the newly packaged L’Oreal Infalliable
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It's All About Lips With Chanel Le Rouge!

Chanel is all about lips this fall with the recent Le Rouge launch! The Rouge Allure formula is pretty popular so it’s no surprise that Chanel would release new shades and dedicate a collection to them. There’s limited edition lipsticks, lip liners
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