Best of 2015: Drugstore Lipsticks

I spent a lot of time in the drugstore aisles last year so it’s no surprise that I picked up an insane amount of budget beauty lipsticks. Believe it or not, there’s some really impressive formulas and colors hidden in drugstore aisles–all
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5 Nude Lipsticks for Fall

Now that it’s officially fall, it’s time to get a little fall makeup inspiration. Don’t you think? My first round of fall picks is all about lips — nude lips. I’ve rounded up my 5 favorite fall nude lipsticks in my collection
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Milani Color Statement Matte Lipstick Roundup + Giveaway-CLOSED!

There’s been a ton of nice spring releases this year but one of my favorites is the new Milani Color Statement Matte Lipsticks. They popped up in stores earlier this year sporting 8 new, shiny permanent shades in a creamy, easy to
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What’s Inside My Makeup Bag

Don’t you hate when you buy something and then turn around and find something better? That’s what recently happened to me with makeup bags. I just picked up a cute Barbie makeup bag but I’m already tossing it to the side for this
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Milani Matte Naked Color Statement Matte Lipstick Review

Have you ever been on the move so much that you wanted to go into hibernation? That’s how I feel right now. I’ve been running non-stop lately and it’s starting to drive me a little batty. Jesus, be a pause button!

New Milani Color Statement Matte Lipsticks!

Honestly, I need more lipsticks like I need a hole in the head. But is that going to stop me from sharing new releases with you guys? Nope! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever since Milani announced all the new spring
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