5 Purple Lipsticks for Spring

Hey there purple lip lovers! You didn’t think I’d share some spring pinks without showing a little purple love, did you? Silly head! Without further ado, here’s 5 purple lipsticks that’ll make your lips pop this spring. Check it out!

Fancie Faves

Can you believe its fall already?! I feel like I’ve been stuck in a time warp or something. There’s no way the year is going by this fast! All I can do is wave farewell to our dear, short-lived friend, summer. Oh, how
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Too Faced Melted Violet Lipstick VS L.A. Girl Coy Glazed Lip Paint

Are you ready to rumble?? ‘Cause it’s about to be a purple smack-down! In one corner, we have the challenger, L.A. Girl Coy Glazed Lip Paint. And in the other corner, we have the lightweight champ, Too Faced Melted Violet Lipstick. Both
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Mini Purple Sephora Haul

Don’t you just love purple? It’s such a beautiful color! I had a few more Sephora gift cards to spare so I thought I’d take a trip to the store this time to redeem them. I actually went to two different stores
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