Matte Blushes for Summer!

I know bronzer gets all the summer love but blush is still important too! A pretty blush gives you a healthy flush of color, balances your makeup looks and can even brighten and lift your face (and spirits). I know shimmering blushes
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NYX Ombre Blush Now Available at Ulta!

Did I mention that NYX has been dominating this spring? Because they certainly are! In case you haven’t been keeping up, NYX has been making huge moves opening standalone boutiques as well as massively expanding their line to go from mass makeup
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MAC Isabel & Ruben Toledo Haul & Swatches

I just love a good MAC collection! And the Isabel & Ruben Toledo collection is a good collection! It’s filled with beautiful blushes, lipsticks and more all wrapped in the prettiest packaging I’ve seen since Alluring Aquatic. Great job MAC and Toledos!

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Collection for Spring 2015

Now here’s a MAC collection I can get excited about! This spring, MAC has teamed up with the romantic fashion powerhouse couple, Isabel and Ruben Toledo to create a fun, refreshing collection filled with shades of red, ombre blushes and more. Their
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